Summary of our services below:

IT Infrastructure

We do complimentary audits to assess your company’s Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) preparedness.

Plug the holes in your DR/BC plan and Test/Certify your DR/BC preparedness.

[More on Business continuity plan]

Protect your company from Data Breach, Ransomware and IP (Intellectual Property) theft

Our dashboard will show you what is happening in your network (wired and wireless). 

Who is coming in and from where; who is going out and to where; what is being transmitted

Summary by user/ device.  Quarterly Security Audit Reports.  Help with HIPAA Compliance.

On Premise Servers and Workstations  – Build, Monitor and Maintain

On Premise Applications – Monitor and Maintain

Our specialists to work at your location under your supervision or under our supervision

IT Security

Help Desk

PC Break/Fix


Software Developer 

Microsoft & Linux Stack


Support during Hardware refresh

ERP System change over 

Staff Augmentation (Short & Long Term)

Cloud Management

We deploy and Manage Hosted Services for you

We are top notch in managing

Amazon AWS

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud

Rackspace, Cloudflare
Wasabi & Backblaze


We engineer hybrid solutions: 

On Premise + Private Cloud + Public Cloud Services