Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Business:

Do you have a written/documented plan to continue running your business if any one of the following happens:

– Ransomware / Computer Failure / Data Loss

– Fire / Theft / Lockdown / Complete loss of facility

– Loss of key staff / personnel

Get1Geek will help you develop a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan

Our Business Continuity Planning consists of business impact analysis, documenting the existing infrastructure (IT and non-IT), performing a GAP Analysis, and ultimately presenting a step-by-step plan to continue business after a disaster.

Once you have a Business Continuity Plan in place, you are more than half way through your NFPA 1600 Emergency preparedness or your HIPAA compliance.  Get1Geek can then take you through the rest of the process to become compliant.

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Business Continuity Plan (BCP):

We can help your business survive a disaster [whether manmade, act of God/Nature or an accident].  We will do a business impact analysis to determine the process and system criticality and outage impacts.  We will then identify resource requirements and plan a realistic recovery effort through evaluation of the resources required to resume mission/business processes and related interdependencies as quickly as possible. Examples of resources that should be identified include facilities, personnel, equipment, software, data files, system components and vital records.  Our plan will cover the whole business recovery not just the IT portion of disaster recovery.  We will require two sessions with your key personnel to interview/gather data before we present the plan for your review. 

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