About Us

Get1Geek.Com is part of Productive Software Corporation. Productive Software Corporation had its beginning as PC Doctor Company, established in Chicago on November 1, 1989. For the last 30 years we have been helping small business’s become productive and competitive by providing Information Technology (IT) Services. Our managed services with a hybrid model of both cloud based and on premise resource provide the best return on IT investment.

Our service area is 50 mile radius of downtown Chicago and covers all suburbs around Chicago. We offer Flat Fee Business IT with 24×7 Coverage in our Managed IT Service Contracts and Time + Material Billing for clients who prefer that model. We have Certified Engineers and Technicians. Our Fees are based on the level of expertise needed so our clients don’t pay the same rate for basic work and advanced/expert level projects. Reflecting this policy, our hourly fees range from $55 to $95 for the Time + Material model. Managed, Flat Fee Business IT service contracts can be as low as $60 per user per month and $200 per Server per month. Please call us or email for a free initial service visit and quote. (877) GET 1 GEEK or (877) 438 1433  Support@Get1Geek.Com